Inner Loop

The centerpiece of my plan is the high-speed inner loop, a 24-minute circuit around the core following Main St — Broadway — Sherbrook — William. To avoid left turns the circuit runs in the clockwise direction only. With twenty-four busses spaced one minute apart, the wait time is effectively zero.

Every point within the downtown area is within a ten minute walk of the inner loop, so theoretically the downtown area is fully served without a single bus having to go inside! While this idea might be good for traffic congestion, public health, and the environment in general, it's still a bit of a hard sell; so for convenience I am allowing up to twenty-four shuttle busses on three routes: Portage, Princess-Notre Dame, and Isabel. With busses on these three routes running two and a half minutes apart, every point in the downtown core is within a two-block walk of an ultra-high-frequency bus pickup point.