I started working on this website when I heard that Sam Katz was thinking about light rail. I don't believe Winnipeg needs to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on public transit. We just need to fix the system we already have.

The problem with our system is we have too many routes plowing up and down too many different streets all going in too many different directions. I've designed a better system with a lot fewer routes that actually go somewhere. I put all the busses on these routes so that over 90% of the city, they come just five minutes apart. You might have to walk just a little farther to get to the bus stop but once you get there you can count on two things: there's going to be a bus there really soon, and it's going to be your bus because it will be the only bus on that route.

Why do I think I can design a better bus system than the city planners? Probably because they have to treat the bus system as a political problem, and I've treated it as a math problem. If you want to see my solution, just click to start the slide show:

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